Learn Graffiti

The first step in learning is observation. Learn how to graffiti by first familiarizing with the different graffiti styles. Start looking in the immediate neighborhood, and if possible visit other cities nearby. Better yet, learn graffiti by conveniently searching the Internet for plenty of available websites that feature graffiti. It is an advantage to be familiarized with as many styles and designs to learn how to graffiti.

The earliest form of graffiti is tag. Normally, the tag used is the name of the writer. In order to learn how to graffiti, try to develop writing names in a unique manner. Beginners are advised to write names using capital letters. Provide enough spacing between the letters. To learn graffiti, do not be opted using nicknames, initials, or names that are in use already, overused, or names of popular people.

The overall impact of the written name is on the style used. There are several styles of letters and ways of writing to learn graffiti. Letter styles range from traditional to modern. Some are radical, complex, or wild such as letters that are interlocking and with symbols that depicts direction or movement. Graffiti that lacks style is ambiguous and cannot be easily interpreted. The personal style in writing will be developed as the writer matures to learn how to graffiti.

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Establish an outline of the letters according to the style chosen. Expect committing mistakes and be patient in making the letters on the manner wanted. Use line variation techniques such as thickness, shading, and 3-D effect. After implementing the style on the letters, make additional details or designs as desired. Many available details can be incorporated with the letters to make it stand out or become more attractive. The design ideas to learn how to graffiti are unlimited.

The key point to remember to learn graffiti is to become skillful translating emotions into spontaneous and creative lines to establish unique graffiti style. It is essential to understand that tag without style is a sign of writers who are not devoted to learn graffiti and have no serious commitment to graffiti art. They are those who want a free ride to fame and glory without any form of sacrifices in mastering the skills of their own style.

In order to learn how to graffiti, writers need to make constant improvement to his style. This requires review of previous work done and going through the flaws committed. Many writers tend to overlook the essential process of scrutinizing their works that is quite crucial to learn graffiti than the work itself. Graffiti when done is subject to public criticism right away, and it is better for the writer to make his firsthand examination on his work before the public do theirs.

A person who has just been introduced to an instrument will not perform in public at once. The way to learn graffiti is not working around equipped with a paint spray and indiscriminately “bombing” every wall available. Learning how to graffiti is like starting to play a new instrument along with a mentor. Try creating tags with someone who has experience in doing graffiti. Paying good attention to details on how he go about his work, and learn to apply them on your own. Solicit necessary pointers in improving the work, and listen intently with what experts have to say. The ultimate way to learn how to graffiti is to practice the art.